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1 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9100134 Map of the synapses onto layer 4 basket cells of the primary visual cortex of the cat Computational model Link
2 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 21569247 Nav1.7 is the predominant sodium channel in rodent olfactory sensory neurons Computational model Link
3 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7582539 Reduction of spike frequency adaptation and blockade of M-current in rat CA1 pyramidal neurones by linopirdine (DuP 996), a neurotransmitter release enhancer Computational model Link
4 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 14507961 Metabotropic modulation of motoneurons by scratch-like spinal network activity Computational model Link
5 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11986376 An M-like outward current regulates the excitability of spinal motoneurones in the adult turtle Computational model Link
6 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11312283 Kainate receptors regulate unitary IPSCs elicited in pyramidal cells by fast-spiking interneurons in the neocortex Computational model Link
7 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8819534 Diversity of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in rat brain. V. alpha-Bungarotoxin-sensitive nicotinic receptors in olfactory bulb neurons and presynaptic modulation of glutamate release Computational model Link
8 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 17008017 Substantia nigra compacta neurons that innervate the reticular thalamic nucleus in the rat also project to striatum or globus pallidus: implications for abnormal motor behavior Computational model Link
9 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11717348 Distance-dependent increase in AMPA receptor number in the dendrites of adult hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
10 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 22355569 Population diversity and function of hyperpolarization-activated current in olfactory bulb mitral cells Computational model Link
11 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10884304 Long-term potentiation of intrinsic excitability at the mossy fiber-granule cell synapse of rat cerebellum Computational model Link
12 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 16148235 Ionic mechanisms underlying autonomous action potential generation in the somata and dendrites of GABAergic substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons in vitro Computational model Link
13 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9763467 Delayed release of neurotransmitter from cerebellar granule cells Computational model Link
14 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 2443677 Neurotransmitter-induced currents in retinal bipolar cells of the axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum Computational model Link
15 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8795613 Multiple channel types contribute to the low-voltage-activated calcium current in hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
16 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11160453 Intensity-dependent, rapid activation of presynaptic metabotropic glutamate receptors at a central synapse Computational model Link
17 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10938307 Hyperpolarization-activated, mixed-cation current (I(h)) in octopus cells of the mammalian cochlear nucleus Computational model Link
18 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8656280 Layer-specific properties of the transient K current (IA) in piriform cortex Computational model Link
19 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10414968 Delayed rectifier currents in rat globus pallidus neurons are attributable to Kv2.1 and Kv3.1/3.2 K(+) channels Computational model Link
20 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8719611 Sodium current in periglomerular cells of frog olfactory bulb in vitro Computational model Link
21 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7965068 Cellular and molecular characterization of Ca2+ currents in acutely isolated, adult rat neostriatal neurons Computational model Link
22 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 1083431 Separation of two voltage-sensitive potassium currents, and demonstration of a tetrodotoxin-resistant calcium current in frog motoneurones Computational model Link
23 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8388549 Induction of LTP in the hippocampus needs synaptic activation of glutamate metabotropic receptors Computational model Link
24 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7535396 Synaptic activation of metabotropic glutamate receptors in the parallel fibre-Purkinje cell pathway in rat cerebellar slices Computational model Link
25 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8814103 Properties of a delayed rectifier potassium current in dentate granule cells isolated from the hippocampus of patients with chronic temporal lobe epilepsy Computational model Link
26 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 1491259 Properties of two voltage-activated potassium currents in acutely isolated juvenile rat dentate gyrus granule cells Computational model Link
27 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9761331 Voltage-dependent Ca2+ currents in epilepsy Computational model Link
28 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10712495 Distribution of slow AHP channels on hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
29 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10856116 Distribution and activation of voltage-gated potassium channels in cell-attached and outside-out patches from large layer 5 cortical pyramidal neurons of the rat Computational model Link
30 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10856115 Properties of voltage-gated potassium currents in nucleated patches from large layer 5 cortical pyramidal neurons of the rat Computational model Link
31 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9763496 Synaptic regulation of action potential timing in neostriatal cholinergic interneurons Computational model Link
32 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10377365 Spontaneous activity of neostriatal cholinergic interneurons in vitro Computational model Link
33 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11069957 Intrinsic membrane properties underlying spontaneous tonic firing in neostriatal cholinergic interneurons Computational model Link
34 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11160518 High I(h) channel density in the distal apical dendrite of layer V pyramidal cells increases bidirectional attenuation of EPSPs Computational model Link
35 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7931535 Evidence for glutamate as the olfactory receptor cell neurotransmitter Computational model Link
36 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8987803 Cellular, subcellular, and subsynaptic distribution of AMPA-type glutamate receptor subunits in the neostriatum of the rat Computational model Link
37 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10460267 Mechanisms underlying spontaneous oscillation and rhythmic firing in rat subthalamic neurons Computational model Link
38 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9801382 Selective innervation of neostriatal interneurons by a subclass of neuron in the globus pallidus of the rat Computational model Link
39 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10805713 Equilibrium potential of GABA(A) current and implications for rebound burst firing in rat subthalamic neurons in vitro Computational model Link
40 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7688798 Exploring parameter space in detailed single neuron models: simulations of the mitral and granule cells of the olfactory bulb Computational model Link
41 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7690785 Evidence that cholinergic axons from the parabrachial region of the brainstem are the exclusive source of nitric oxide in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat Computational model Link
42 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8938743 Differential expression of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in the cochlear nucleus of the mouse Computational model Link
43 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11929914 NMDA receptor-mediated currents in rat cerebellar granule and unipolar brush cells Computational model Link
44 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9365910 Action potential propagation into the presynaptic dendrites of rat mitral cells Computational model Link
45 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8558465 Different spatial patterns of [Ca2+] increase caused by N- and L-type Ca2+ channel activation in frog olfactory bulb neurones Computational model Link
46 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 12486151 Timing and efficacy of Ca2+ channel activation in hippocampal mossy fiber boutons Computational model Link
47 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10548423 Cellular and subcellular localization of gamma-aminobutyric acidB receptors in the rat olfactory bulb Computational model Link
48 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 12665602 Voltage-dependent membrane potential oscillations of rat striatal fast-spiking interneurons Computational model Link
49 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11343119 Adaptive regulation of neuronal excitability by a voltage-independent potassium conductance Computational model Link
50 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7506757 Voltage dependence and activation kinetics of pharmacologically defined components of the high-threshold calcium current in rat neocortical neurons Computational model Link
51 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11698521 Kinetic and pharmacological properties of GABA(A) receptors in single thalamic neurons and GABA(A) subunit expression Computational model Link
52 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 27335411 Cell-Type-Specific Modulation of Sensory Responses in Olfactory Bulb Circuits by Serotonergic Projections from the Raphe Nuclei Computational model Link
53 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10051664 Dopamine receptor subtypes modulate olfactory bulb gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptors Computational model Link
54 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11521157 Local lateral connectivity of inhibitory clutch cells in layer 4 of cat visual cortex (area 17) Computational model Link
55 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9749721 Distribution of L-type calcium channels in rat thalamic neurones Computational model Link
56 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 1374799 Patch-clamp recordings of spiking and nonspiking interneurons from rabbit olfactory bulb slices: GABA- and other transmitter receptors Computational model Link
57 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 1374798 Patch-clamp recordings of spiking and nonspiking interneurons from rabbit olfactory bulb slices: membrane properties and ionic currents Computational model Link
58 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9161986 Effect, number and location of synapses made by single pyramidal cells onto aspiny interneurones of cat visual cortex Computational model Link
59 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 6055350 Composite nature of the monosynaptic excitatory postsynaptic potential Computational model Link
60 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8873872 Horseradish peroxidase study of the spatial and electrotonic distribution of group Ia synapses on type-identified ankle extensor motoneurons in the cat Computational model Link
61 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 5579639 Spatial synaptic distribution of recurrent and group Ia inhibitory systems in cat spinal motoneurones Computational model Link
62 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8790432 Pattern and inhibition-dependent invasion of pyramidal cell dendrites by fast spikes in the hippocampus in vivo Computational model Link
63 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11568648 Hyperpolarisation-activated current in glomerular cells of the rat olfactory bulb Computational model Link
64 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9497415 Ontogenesis of presynaptic GABAB receptor-mediated inhibition in the CA3 region of the rat hippocampus Computational model Link
65 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9705993 Muscarinic IPSPs in rat striatal cholinergic interneurones Computational model Link
66 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8637598 Absence of spectrally specific lateral inputs to midget ganglion cells in primate retina Computational model Link
67 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9120555 Spatial distribution of synaptically activated sodium concentration changes in cerebellar Purkinje neurons Computational model Link
68 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 16497716 Kinetic, pharmacological and activity-dependent separation of two Ca2+ signalling pathways mediated by type 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors in rat Purkinje neurones Computational model Link
69 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10792440 Characterization of calcium currents in functionally mature mouse spinal motoneurons Computational model Link
70 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10792441 Dendritic L-type calcium currents in mouse spinal motoneurons: implications for bistability Computational model Link
71 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11016958 Presynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors at the parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapse Computational model Link
72 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11779485 Involvement of presynaptic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in cerebellar long-term depression Computational model Link
73 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10069343 Linear summation of excitatory inputs by CA1 pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
74 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10531421 Multiple and opposing roles of cholinergic transmission in the main olfactory bulb Computational model Link
75 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11124997 Origin of synchronized oscillations induced by neocortical disinhibition in vivo Computational model Link
76 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7500155 Persistent Na+ conductance in medium-sized neostriatal neurons: characterization using infrared videomicroscopy and whole cell patch-clamp recordings Computational model Link
77 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 2172830 Potassium conductances in hippocampal neurons blocked by excitatory amino-acid transmitters Computational model Link
78 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 2776032 Commissural synapses, but not mossy fiber synapses, in hippocampal field CA3 exhibit associative long-term potentiation and depression Computational model Link
79 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 16289381 beta-Amyloid increases dendritic Ca2+ influx by inhibiting the A-type K+ current in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
80 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9037409 Membrane and synaptic properties of mitral cells in slices of rat olfactory bulb Computational model Link
81 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10774730 Analysis of relations between NMDA receptors and GABA release at olfactory bulb reciprocal synapses Computational model Link
82 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9671685 Multitasking in the olfactory system: context-dependent responses to odors reveal dual GABA-regulated coding mechanisms in single olfactory projection neurons Computational model Link
83 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7666160 Different Ca2+ channels in soma and dendrites of hippocampal pyramidal neurons mediate spike-induced Ca2+ influx Computational model Link
84 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 12740404 Regulation of backpropagating action potentials in mitral cell lateral dendrites by A-type potassium currents Computational model Link
85 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 3734165 Accumulation of (3H)glycine by cone bipolar neurons in the cat retina Computational model Link
86 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7528793 Ligand-gated currents of alpha and beta ganglion cells in the cat retinal slice Computational model Link
87 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 3600775 Differential modulation of three separate K-conductances in hippocampal CA1 neurons by serotonin Computational model Link
88 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 6314193 M-current in voltage-clamped olfactory cortex neurones Computational model Link
89 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 6875873 Fast inward-rectifying current accounts for anomalous rectification in olfactory cortex neurones Computational model Link
90 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 3814922 Muscarinic receptors mediating suppression of the M-current in guinea-pig olfactory cortex neurones may be of the M2-subtype Computational model Link
91 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 8852580 Segregated distribution of nitric oxide synthase-positive cells in the periglomerular region of typical and atypical olfactory glomeruli Computational model Link
92 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 1346792 Localization of GABA, glycine, glutamate and tyrosine hydroxylase in the human retina Computational model Link
93 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 2558168 Voltage-activated membrane currents in rat cerebellar granule neurones Computational model Link
94 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 7264991 Two kinds of recurrent inhibition of cat spinal alpha-motoneurones as differentiated pharmacologically Computational model Link
95 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 13813399 Synaptic action during and after repetitive stimulation Computational model Link
96 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10899216 An excitatory GABAergic plexus in developing neocortical layer 1 Computational model Link
97 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10862703 Laminar sources of synaptic input to cortical inhibitory interneurons and pyramidal neurons Computational model Link
98 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 10683407 Strychnine-sensitive glycine receptors in rat caudatoputamen are expressed by cholinergic interneurons Computational model Link
99 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 11796144 Evidence for nicotinic acetylcholine receptor activation in rat cerebellar slices Computational model Link
100 nif-0000-00054 PubMed 9753140 Two types of calcium currents of the mouse bipolar cells recorded in the retinal slice preparation Computational model Link