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1 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15203190 Akt And P70s6k Phosphorylation And Gadd45 Levels Are Modulated By Gpx-1 In Tumor Cells Data: Gene Annotation Link
2 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17372239 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association And Gene-Gene Interaction. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
3 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23292863 Patients With Basal-Like Breast Cancer Have A High Expression Of Cd147 And Mmp9 Data: Gene Annotation Link
4 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17467235 Git1 Utilizes A Focal Adhesion Targeting-Homology Domain To Bind Paxillin. Data: Gene Annotation Link
5 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18751891 Results Demonstrate Injury-Induced Changes In Phgdh And Asct1 Expression. Data: Gene Annotation Link
6 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 11836626 Mutations, Relatively Common In Lymphomas, Are Extremely Rare In Malignant Cartilaginous Tumors. Data: Gene Annotation Link
7 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23184942 Mark4 Is A New Negative Regulator Of Mtorc1 Data: Gene Annotation Link
8 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21591677 Functional Impact Of Manipulation On The Relative Orientation Of Human Prolactin Receptor Domains. Data: Gene Annotation Link
9 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17520475 We Explicitly Show That The Effect Of The Q4863a Mutation Is To Increase The Apparent Dissociation Constant By Increasing The Apparent Dissociation Rate Of The Ryanoid: 8beta-Amino-9alpha-Hydroxyryanodine. Data: Gene Annotation Link
10 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19667218 Observational Study And Genome-Wide Association Study Of Gene-Disease Association, Gene-Environment Interaction, And Pharmacogenomic / Toxicogenomic. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
11 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 16151725 Findings Suggest That Overexpression Of Egfr In Glioblastomas In Chinese Patients May Be Associated Closely With The Patients Age But Not With The Tumors' Pathological Pathway Data: Gene Annotation Link
12 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21873652 The Role Of Agpat1 Or Agpat2 In Liver Lipogenesis Is Minimal And That Accumulation Of Liver Fat Is Primarily A Consequence Of Insulin Resistance Data: Gene Annotation Link
13 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 25144766 These Results Indicate That Ezrin Is Required For Uptake Of Hypotaurine From Maternal Serum By Placental Trophoblasts, And Plays An Important Role In Fetal Growth. Data: Gene Annotation Link
14 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 16456796 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
15 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 22821633 Elevated Wdr1 Expression After Acoustic Overstimulation In The Current Experiments May Provide A Mechanism For Protection Against Noise Exposure. Data: Gene Annotation Link
16 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20423481 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association, Gene-Environment Interaction, And Pharmacogenomic / Toxicogenomic. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
17 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20841404 Interleukin 1 Beta (Il-1beta) May Play A Role In Andean Protection From Altitude-Associated Reductions In Fetal Growth Data: Gene Annotation Link
18 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23173569 Measurement Of Plasma Apociii May Improve Cad Prediction In The General Population Data: Gene Annotation Link
19 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17055531 This Study Indicated Strong Association Between The 5httlpr Polymorphism Of The Slc6a4 Gene And Anxiety In The Same Group Of Bn Patients (P = 0.004). Data: Gene Annotation Link
20 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19590044 A Single Mybpc3 Point Mutation Results In 3 Different Mutant Mrnas And Proteins, Which Are Regulated Either By The Nonsense-Mediated Mrna Decay Or By The Ubiquitin-Proteaasome System In Mice Data: Gene Annotation Link
21 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19121369 These Results Suggest That Runx2 Signal Input May Lead To Transactivation Of Mmp13 Gene Without Affecting Opn Expression In Astrocytes. Data: Gene Annotation Link
22 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 22504301 Pld Acts As An Important Regulator In Bcl-2 Expression By Activating Stat3 Involving The Phosphorylation Of Ser727 Through The Pla(2)/G(I)/Erk1/2, Rhoa/Rock/P38 Mapk, And Rac1/P38 Mapk Pathways. Data: Gene Annotation Link
23 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20566683 Cenp-C Binds Directly To Cenp-A Chromatin And, Together With Cenp-N, Provides The Foundation Upon Which Other Centromere And Kinetochore Proteins Are Assembled. Data: Gene Annotation Link
24 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19058987 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
25 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23904105 The Results Highlight That The Expression Of Components For Costameric Attachment Sites Of Myofibrils Is Under Load- And Fiber Type-Related Control Via Fak And Its Inhibitor Frnk. Data: Gene Annotation Link
26 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19506903 P16ink4a, Dapk1, Pten And Mt1g Genes Were Not Frequently Methylated In The Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer In China. Data: Gene Annotation Link
27 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 12218135 Processing Of Caspase 9 Is Induced In Mouse Macrophages Upon Phagocytosis Of Low-Virulence Escherichia Coli Bacteria, Activating The Mitochondrial Branch Of The Apoptotic Pathway. Data: Gene Annotation Link
28 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 24719983 The Data Indicates No Association Between Gstz1 Genotypes And Risk Of Gastric Cancer. Data: Gene Annotation Link
29 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19436306 Lps Promotes Tumour Cell Ecm Adhesion And Invasion Through Activation Of The U-Pa System In A Tlr-4- And Nf-Kappab-Dependent Manner. Data: Gene Annotation Link
30 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 24569132 Homotypic Vacuole Fusion Requires Vti11 And Is Regulated By Phosphoinositides. Data: Gene Annotation Link
31 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17874455 Gene Expression Regulation During Sex Maturation In Male Salmon. Data: Gene Annotation Link
32 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18677293 Levels Of E-Selectin Positively Correlated With High Triglyceride Levels In Type 2 Diabetic Subjects With Silent Ischemia. Data: Gene Annotation Link
33 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15043312 Endometrial Stromal Tumors(Ests) Are Genetically Heterogeneous, With Prevalence Of Jazf1-Jjaz1 Fusion Highest Among Ests Of Classic Histology. Diagnostic Utility Of Jazf1-Jjaz1 Fusion Transcript Assay In Ests May Be Limited To Classic Histologic Subset. Data: Gene Annotation Link
34 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23420746 The Down-Regulation Of The Enpp-1 Gene Expression Induced By Intermittent Cyclic Mechanical Tension Is Likely Dependent On Tgf-Beta1 In End-Plate Chondrocytes Of Lumbar Vertebrae. Data: Gene Annotation Link
35 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21555518 Rhbdd3 Is A Target Gene Of The Bach1 Transcription Factor According To Chip-Seq Analysis In Hek 293 Cells. Data: Gene Annotation Link
36 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21980483 Covariance Of The 243(Rd) Nucleotide Of The 5'Utr With Ns2 And Ns3 [Ns2][Ns3] Data: Gene Annotation Link
37 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20682751 These Results Provide A Rationale For The Neuroprotection From Light Damage Of Photosensory Neurons By Ranbp2 Insufficiency. Data: Gene Annotation Link
38 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 14525954 Pparbeta/Delta Agonists Would Increase Fatty Acid Catabolism, Cholesterol Efflux, And Energy Expenditure In Muscle. Data: Gene Annotation Link
39 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19539681 Results Suggest That In The Atrium Pgf2alpha Increases Anp Secretion And Positive Inotropy Through The Plc-Ip3-Pkc-Mlck Pathway. Data: Gene Annotation Link
40 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23067217 Enhanced Expression Of E-Cadherin Is Associated With The Development Of Cervical Neoplasia And Cancer. Data: Gene Annotation Link
41 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 22402308 The Ugt1a7*3 Allele Is A Risk Factor For Cancer Among Asians, Especially For Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Meta-Analysis) Data: Gene Annotation Link
42 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17630376 Polymorphisms In Dna Repair Gene Ape/Ref-1 May Be Important In The Aetiology Of Stroke. Data: Gene Annotation Link
43 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17681531 Results Describe The Heat-Induced Conversion Of Beta(2)-Microglobulin And Hen Egg-White Lysozyme Into Amyloid Fibrils. Data: Gene Annotation Link
44 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17192464 Overexpression Of Timp-1 In Beta-Cells Enhances The Replication Of Pancreatic Islets Beta-Cells And Counteracts Type 1 Diabetes, Indicating That The Timp-1 Gene May Be A Potential Target To Prevent, Or Even Reverse, Type 1 Diabetes. Data: Gene Annotation Link
45 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19106247 Atgl In Addition To Hormone Sensitive Lipase May Be Important For Human Skeletal Muscle Lipolysis Data: Gene Annotation Link
46 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21900250 The Rhog/Elmo1/Dock180 Signaling Module Is Required For Spine Morphogenesis In Hippocampal Neurons. Data: Gene Annotation Link
47 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19427405 Pref-1 Is Modulated By Both Dexamethasone And 3-Isobutyl-1methylxanthine (Ibmx), Two Components Of The Adipogenic Induction Mixture During The Adipogenesis In Vitro. Data: Gene Annotation Link
48 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 24336445 The Mir169 Family Regulates Stress-Induced Flowering By Repressing The Atnf-Ya Transcription Factor, Which In Turn Reduces The Expression Of Flowering Locus C (Flc), Allowing For The Expression Of Flc Target Genes Data: Gene Annotation Link
49 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19775342 Her2/Neu Plays No Major Role In The Development And Progression Of Cervical Neoplasia. Data: Gene Annotation Link
50 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20530805 C/Hemojuvelin Is A Broad Spectrum Bone Morphogenetic Protein (Bmp) Antagonist And Inhibits Both Bmp2- And Bmp6-Mediated Signaling And Gene Expression Data: Gene Annotation Link
51 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18056802 Pp2a:B56delta As A Key Upstream Regulator Of Cdk1 Activity Upon Exit From Mitosis Data: Gene Annotation Link
52 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18478343 There Was Suggestive Evidence For An Inverse Association Associated Of Colorectal Cancer And Ademoma With Homozygosity For The Minor Allele Of Rs12255372 (Tcf7l2 Tt) And Conditional And Covariate Adjusted Risk 0for Heterogeneity For In Women And Men Data: Gene Annotation Link
53 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18502759 Igf-I, In Addition To The C-Domain, Uses Surfaces Similar To Those Of Insulin In Contacting Its Cognate Receptor Data: Gene Annotation Link
54 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 12931024 In Pancreatic Cancer, Il-1alpha Enhanced Alpha(6)Beta(1)-Integrin Expression, Probably Via Increased Il-1ri Levels. Data: Gene Annotation Link
55 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19626395 Serum Myeloperoxidase Level Predicts Reperfusion In Patients With Myocardial Infarction Receiving Thrombolytic Therapy. Data: Gene Annotation Link
56 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21965674 Satb2 As The First P63 Binding Partner That Differentially Influences Aec And Eec P63 Mutant Proteins Data: Gene Annotation Link
57 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20800603 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
58 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15013293 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
59 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23972510 Braf Mutations Were Detected In 2 Amelanotic Acral Melanoma Cases Data: Gene Annotation Link
60 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19190538 Aminoglycoside-Mediated Read-Through Of Nonsense Mutations In The Mecp2 Gene Can Be Achieved In Vitro With Efficiency Comparable With That Seen In Other Disorders. Data: Gene Annotation Link
61 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19475716 The Minimum Birth Prevalence Of Abcc8-Congenital Hyperinsulinism Of Infancy In Norway To 1:70,000 During The Past Decade Data: Gene Annotation Link
62 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23287468 The Mitochondrial H(+)-Atp Synthase, By Coupling The Warburg Effect To Anabolic Metabolism, Enables De-Differentiation During The Reprogramming Of Somatic Cells To Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Data: Gene Annotation Link
63 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21437620 The Results Suggest That Astrocytes Are Unique Among Cell Types Of Neuroblast Origin In Terms Of Expression Pinin Protein. Data: Gene Annotation Link
64 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18675813 Trpm6 And Trpm7 Phosphorylate The Assembly Domain Of Myosin Iia, Iib And Iic On Identical Residues. Data: Gene Annotation Link
65 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19940113 Tilrr, An Isoform Encoded By An Alternatively Spliced Frem1 Mrna, Is An Il-1ri Co-Receptor That Associates With The Signaling Receptor Complex To Enhance Recruitment Of Myd88 And Control Ras-Dependent Amplification Of Nf-Kappab And Inflammatory Responses. Data: Gene Annotation Link
66 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15743801 Alpha2(Iv)Nc1 Domain Has A Role In Regulating Tumor Cell Behavior Data: Gene Annotation Link
67 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19340428 Results Support The Use Of Lpl And Adam29 Gene Expression Associated To Ighv Mutational Status For Predicting The Clinical Outcome Of Patients Treated By Oral Fludarabine + Cyclophosphamide And Could Be Considered For Treatment Strategies. Data: Gene Annotation Link
68 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21355953 Expression Of Cd79b Is Downregulated In Both Plasma Cells And Plasma Cell Myeloma. Data: Gene Annotation Link
69 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20425121 Findings Indicate Laminin-Induced Mmp-9 Expression And Activation Possibly Via Alpha2beta1 Integrin-Mediated Signaling Involving Fak, Pi-3k, Erk Followed By Transcriptional Upregulation Of Mmp-9 In Cervical Cancer Cell Line Data: Gene Annotation Link
70 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15578154 Cross-Talk Between The Socs-3/Interferon And The Il-1beta Pathways Of Signalling In Pancreatic Beta Cells. Data: Gene Annotation Link
71 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 17998942 The Autocrine Hgh-Stimulated Increases In Dnmt3a And Dnmt3b Expression Mediate Repression Of Plakoglobin Gene Transcription By Direct Hypermethylation Of Its Promoter And Consequent Phenotypic Conversion Of Mammary Carcinoma Cells Data: Gene Annotation Link
72 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 16402353 Results Showed A Highly Significant Difference Between Patient And Control Groups In Three Snps From One Linkage Disequilibrium Block Both In Allele And Genotype Frequencies, As Well As A Risk Haplotype. Data: Gene Annotation Link
73 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21103356 Data Show That Both Rs12218 Of The Saa1 Gene And Rs2468844 Of Saa2 Gene Are Associated With Carotid Imt In Healthy Han Chinese Subjects. Data: Gene Annotation Link
74 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19863350 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
75 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20335541 Lower Proportions Of Docosahexenoic Acid In Milk From Women Homozygous For A Minor Allele In T4his Gene Could Not Be Compensated For By Increasing Fish And Fish-Oil Intake. Data: Gene Annotation Link
76 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19004027 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
77 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19213956 Sap97 Is A Major Partner For Surface Expression And Camkii-Dependent Regulation Of Cardiac Kv4.2 And Kv4.3 Channels. Data: Gene Annotation Link
78 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 22728270 Tgif Can Promote Cellular Migration/Invasion Activity Of Urothelial Carcinoma Cells. Data: Gene Annotation Link
79 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19317741 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
80 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 24556693 Suggest That Promoting Dram-Mediated Autophagy Together With Pi3k/Akt Inhibition Might Be More Effective For Autophagy-Based Therapy In Hepatoma. Data: Gene Annotation Link
81 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23994638 Regulation Of Neurogenesis By Fgf8a Requires Cdc42 Signaling And A Novel Cdc42 Effector Protein Data: Gene Annotation Link
82 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20406964 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
83 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 11994410 Results Indicate That Glucocerebrosidase Deficiency, Even In The Absence Of Large Amounts Of Sphingolipid Storage, Can Trigger An Inflammatory Reaction. Data: Gene Annotation Link
84 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23175820 The Cb(1) Receptor Contributes To The Generation Of Deep-Layer Cortical Neurons By Coupling Endocannabinoid Signals From The Neurogenic Niche To The Intrinsic Proneurogenic Ctip2/Satb2 Axis Data: Gene Annotation Link
85 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 18406377 Tlr7-9 Recognize Single-Stranded Rna, Nucleoside Analogs And Single-Stranded Cpg-Dna, Respectively, And Their Activation Initiates The Immune Response Against Viruses And Bacteria [Review] Data: Gene Annotation Link
86 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19345119 Demonstrate A Stepwise Activation Of Pax5 In Early Lymphopoiesis And Provide Mechanistic Insights Into The Process Of B Cell Commitment Data: Gene Annotation Link
87 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19343169 Data Suggest That Spak, The Transcription Of Which Is Regulated By Hyperosmolarity, Plays An Important Role In Epithelial Barrier Function Data: Gene Annotation Link
88 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 24821782 Helicase Proteins Dhx29 And Rig-I Cosense Cytosolic Nucleic Acids In The Human Airway System. Data: Gene Annotation Link
89 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 23911198 Our Results Show That Reep3/4 Function Redundantly To Clear The Endoplasmic Reticulum From Metaphase Chromatin, Thereby Ensuring Correct Progression Through Mitosis And Proper Nuclear Envelope Architecture. Data: Gene Annotation Link
90 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19223905 P53 Stabilisation And Caspase-3 Activation Concur To Determine The Apoptotic Response Mediated By Apollon Knockdown In Breast Cancer Cells. Data: Gene Annotation Link
91 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 14642534 Thrombin Disarms Par-1 From Further Proteolytic Activation, But Leaves The Receptor Responsive For Non-Tethered Ligands Data: Gene Annotation Link
92 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 16362385 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
93 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 15856466 Potential Value Of Ca9 As A Molecular Marker For The Assessment Of Regional Lymph Node Status In Vulvar Cancer Patients Data: Gene Annotation Link
94 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19309280 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
95 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 19876719 Expression Of Hmgb1 Protein And Its Receptor Rage In Human Malignant Tumors. Data: Gene Annotation Link
96 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21987080 We Found That Haplotypes In Apex1, Brca2, Ercc2, And Rad51 Were Significantly Associated With Total Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Data: Gene Annotation Link
97 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 21674478 Data Show That The Mtor Activation Explored In Conditionally Deleted Tsc1 In B Cells Led To Impairment In B-Cell Maturation. Data: Gene Annotation Link
98 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20163778 Observational Study Of Gene-Disease Association. (Huge Navigator) Data: Gene Annotation Link
99 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 16716264 Swim Training-Induced Transcriptional Activation Of Hepatic Pparalpha Target Enzymes And Ucp2 May Effectively Prevent Body Weight Gain, Adiposity, And Lipid Disorders Caused By Leptin Receptor Deficiency In Both Sexes Of Mice Data: Gene Annotation Link
100 nif-0000-02801 PubMed 20150423 Analysis Of A Novel Role For Calpain Proteolysis Of Fak In Regulating Adhesion Dynamics In Motile Cells Data: Gene Annotation Link