DISCO:  Extensible Web resource DISCOvery, registration and interoperation framework

DISCO Resource Description Authoring Tool Help

This form provides four different sections in which information about the resource can be entered. These sections have fixed as well as optional fields. Fixed fields are required and are always present. Optional fields are added to the form by selecting them using the "Select Property" list box to the left of the form, and pressing the "Select" button below it.

For an explantion about the information that can be entered into a field, hover the mouse over the label to the left of the textbox.

This tool,as well as its documentation, is still being revised.

This tool uses a "metaschema" approach to allow coexistence of newer formats while still supporting older versions of a resource description format.  In this way, if an user creates a resource description with the current format today, and the format changes over time, the system will still keep track of the old information, without the added functionality of the new format. This mechanism is designed to give time to the creator of the content, to update the description to the new format while DISCO still uses the old format. The DISCO system will detect which resources are using the old format and will periodically send a reminder to the author.